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Slunj is located 50 km south from Karlovec, on the Slunjcici river, on the rout from Karlovac to Plitvic’s lakes. The pictorial waterfall is located in the middle of the town. The most beautiful view on it is from the new bridge through river Koran. Reminds of castle Frankopan from 14th century with amazing wood gate house are located there. The castle was in the time of Turkish risk, the important defensive point. Slunj was damaged at 1st war. Near the village Rastoke are the interest tourist point the old mills and rapids. This is protecting by natural and cultural memory. The rest of castle Centigrad is located 16 km northeast from Slunje in Kordun. The castle is historically very important.

Bridge accross river Korana
River Korana
River Korana


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